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Herbie as a business professional

Herbert Lundström (mostly called Herbie) is a long-runner as a busi-

ness management and business advisory professional. Having worked

over 20 years in the industry Herbie has good understanding of business dynamics and operations in general but also valuable experience and knowledge of do's and dont's of facilitating

development programmes. However Herbie's ultimate core competence is business change management.

As an experienced business advisor and trained business coach Herbie

is a very competent sparring partner for business organizations. He holds many roles in his assignments: business advisor, project/

program manager, trainer, mentor, business coach or facilitator. He comes well along as well with top executives as with line staff - and all managers and top specialists in between. 

Competences and experience

Herbie has an unique experience and a sharp generalist's eye in obser-

ving cause-consequence relations in business operations. His assign-

ment log covers advisory projects in sales and marketing, manu-

facturing, maintenance, finance, logistics, IT, RD, and procurement. 

In addition to understanding the dynamics of all business functions Herbie has during his career accumulated a remarkable knowledge base in business process management as well. Both capabilities are valuable complements to his core competence of facilitating business change. 

Way of working

Herbie is a very collaborative business advisor. His established practice is to initially have a two-hour-discussion with the executive in charge or the business owner. This discussion serves two purposes;

  • It helps building a joint understanding which issues are bothering the company
  • It is clarifing and concretizing the needs of the business. Preferably in measurable terms, including time schedules and resource needs 

After that the planning phase can accelerate.


Herbie's set of values derives from his background in the bioeconomy.

As a son to farming parents Herbie already as a youngster learned

the necessity and value of work, to respect and take responsibility of farm animals and to assist his parents in work peaks. To grow up in a small rural village, that is socially very caring, supportive and always

providing neighbourly help when someone is in trouble, influences anyone - in n a good way.    

The saying "what you sow, you harvest" is so true in most aspects of both business and life in general. Metaphorically speaking all socially

rewarding or prosperity giving activities need fertile soil, quality seed, right amount of specific nutrients, rain and sunshine in right proportions and professionally conducted crop management.

...and Herbie understands that - in double meanings.

Herbert Lundström is an Accredited Associate of the Institute for Indenpendent Business

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