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Routing You to Brilliance!

Business Advisory Services

Business Advisory Services

A business is all the time expected to stretch. Your customers are demanding better products or services to cheaper prices without delays. In addition to keeping their customer promises, executives face profitability challenges from the owners. Operations must be profitable enough. 

Creating an change positive organizational mindset and building capabilities to successfully cope with the ever ongoing change and operational renewal is a matter of patience, dedication, decisiveness, discipline and communicative leadership. Hard work to say the least. 

Facilitating organizational change is a core competence of Change Line. The provide solutions for as well comprehensive turnarounds as to specific smaller scale change efforts in business processes or managerial development issues.

The Brilliant Change programme

The Brilliant Change programme is a comprehensive business change programme, aiming at transforming the business and making it more efficient, more profitable and well managed.

The programme has three phases;

1. Opportunity Assessment Phase, where we together analyse your business and quantify the business

potential it contains.

2. Programme Implementation Phase, in which your business is going live with the development


based on findings, goals and the blue-print designed in the analysis phase.

3. Sustainability Phase, where additional support is available for rooting the new way of working and

managers are coached to keep ongoingly the business on track.

Each of the phase has clearly defined goals and working procedures. A blue print of a comprehensive develepment initiative like this, needs thorough discussion with the top management. And professionally conducted communication with the personnel is of utmost importance. Change Line really emphasizes those activities. 

The Brilliant Change IT programme

(programme for IT driven business change)

Are you about to invest in new ERP, CRM or in any other way digitalizing your business operations? You might think it is a plain IT-development initiative. Change Line's experience indicates it is as much a business change effort. And should be treated as such.

Brilliant Change IT is a Change Line's own roadmap that copes with IT-driven business change. Compared to the ordinary Brilliant Change programme this, the IT version focuses more on aligning business processes and IT application features. It also supports the IT project in may other critical aspects, such as

  • involving top management into the IT initiative
  • aligning business needs and processes with IT system requirements, and vice versa.
  • keeping the business organization alert with proper communication
  • defining the training needs of key and end users, often also conducting some of the practical training
  • being a interpreter between the business and the IT professionals. 

To streamline business processes with features and procedures supported by IT system to be installed is a tricky business. One major problem is, when to adopt your business processes to the to the featurers supported by the new system, when do the opposite. Critical questions needing answers are:

  • Do we have competitive advantages to protect within our operations?
  • What problems and extra costs of version management are we facing ahead with the tailored software?
  • Will the tailoring impact on our IT architectures negatively?


Mentoring is when an more experienced business executive or other professional teaches, and gives

professional help and advice to a less experienced, often younger person. This differentiates mentoring from coaching. A mentor is expected to share his expertise and give professional guidance to the actor. A coach should help a client to investigate the issue by her-/himself and encourage to own decision making..

Change Line is active in mentoring actors of professional organisations. The accumulated knowledge of mentoring and mentoring processes is available for businesses as well. Especially by mentoring in matters of business change and leadership issues Change Line add significant value to those professionals needing such competence in their jobs. The benefits with this kind of mentoring are:

  • The actor gets hold of the business change responsibilities faster
  • As competence and experience can be shared progress is faster and the trial and error aspect less visible
  • Better self-confidence help the actor tackle change resistance and problematic issues as they appear
  • A personal "help-desk" at the actor proposal during the mentoring programme

If an organization has an intention to run a more comprehensive mentoring programme, Change Line has the expertise to support the planning and facilitation of your mentor programme.  

Specific professional services

In business change efforts Change Line has access to tools and procedures, especially designed for certain analytics or developmental purposes. With these tools and procedures we also provide single services according to upcoming needs. These tools are frequently used for instance in the Business Supports Programmes we facilitate. These services cover the following development areas:

  • business analytics in sales, marketing, IT, finance, process mapping etc.
  • business strategy implementation, incl. Bananced Scorecard Frameworks
  • business process modelling and re-engineering
  • managerial communication
  • manager profiling
  • managerial coaching and mentoring
  • management systems
  • managerial team building
  • project management
  • barrier removal, problem solving

Some of these services we deliver in close cooperation with our partner networks.

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