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Practical advice that works!

IIB Business Support Programme™

IIB Business Support Programme™. 

Do you as a small or medium size enterprise (SME) have difficulty in finding the business support you need?

The Business Support Programme (BSP) is developed by the Institute for Independent business (IIB) and is a structured way of acting and providing you with necessary and valuable business advice. This approach

makes it easier for SME business owners or managers to obtain the specific professional support they need. Advice is provided by the experienced and exclusive network of accredited IIB Associates.

All starts with a non-charge meeting with an Accredited Associate to discuss the challenges your business face. The first 2 hour meeting is free-of-charge, held on a totally confidential basis and involving no obligations from your side. This deep discussion will help you as a business owner or CEO to see clearly where the real issues of the own SME are. Typical initial problems are profitability issues, limping sales, production and leadership issues.

The IIB network includes specialists covering virtually any business discipline and industry. If you need international support IIB associates are at your service in all major business regions (Europe, USA, China, India, Australia). Thus we can support companies going international by providing high standard business expert service in the new markets under surveillance. The IB Business Support Programme™, provides clients with the ultimate support, sharing "practical advice that works™.

In Finland IIB accredited Associates works within the LAK Business Experts (Fi. Liikkeenjohdon Asiantuntijakeskus-LAK) parachute.

The benefits of the BSPs are indisputable:

  • An experienced professional is to share your worries as a
  • "business friend"
  • You only pay for service (practical advice) you need and use.
  • And you can quit whenever you want to.
  • Your BSP is always tailored specifically to your operational
  • needs (length, resource usage and content)
  • Service is provided by an accredited professional specialist
  • Decision making is totally to 100% in your own hands
  • A BSP has no operational risk. It's always with your agenda.

The duration of the Business Support Programme is normally 12 months. Change Line is normally allocating 2 days for the prog-ramme, with a fixed monthly fee to support your BSP development initiatives. The work is done on site or from distance depending on what is to be achieved.

Our first 2-hour session - free of charge- could be one of the most important meetings you have had for a long time. Just call us or send us an e-mail.

Herbert Lundström is an Accredited Associate of the Institute for Independent Business

For more information, just contact us. You can also learn more at

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