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Herbert Lundström

Professional Coach & Senior Business Advisor

Herbie as business professional

As an experienced business advisor and accredited business coach Herbert Lundström (mostly

"Herbie") is a highly competent sparring partner for entrepreneurs and executives of business organizations. He holds many roles in his assignments: business advisor, project/program

manager, trainer, mentor, business coach or facilitator. With his collaborative mind-set he comes

well along as well with top executives as with line staff - and all managers and top specialists in between. 

Herbie is a long-runner as a business management and business advisory professional. Having

worked over 20 years in the industry Herbie has not only good understanding of business dynamics and operations in general, but also valuable experience and knowledge of do's and don'ts of development initiatives and leadership issues in general. 

Competencies and experience

Herbie has a unique experience and a sharp generalist's eye in observing cause-consequence relations in business operations. His assignment log covers advisory projects in sales and

marketing, manufacturing, maintenance, finance, logistics, IT, RD, and procurement. 

In addition, to understanding the dynamics of key business functions Herbie has during his career accumulated a remarkable knowledge base in business process management (BPM) as well. Working both with pure business change management and supporting change efforts within IT projects he has solid analysis experience of business operations, i.e. identifying, modelling and monitoring business processes and quantifying the business potential they hold. He is also familiar with strategy work and strategy implementation.

As an ICF certified business coach Herbie is helping individual executives and entrepreneurs

uncover their true personal potential and grow their personal insight. The leadership coaching he conducts, focuses on developing leaders' managerial or leadership skills and helping them successfully tackle their own unfavourable behaviour. 

Herbie has studied business management and holds a M.Sc.(agric.econ.). He has also owns several management and entrepreneur programme diplomas. 


Herbie's set of values derives from his background in the bio economy. As a son to farming parents Herbie already as a youngster learned the necessity and value of work, to respect and take responsibility of farm animals and to assist his parents in seasonal work peaks. Having grown up in a small countryside community, that was socially very caring, supportive and drenched with a mentality of providing work assistance whenever villagers needed, has created a mind-set of collaboration, decisiveness, curiousness and team spirit. Very useful features for a

business coaching and counselling professional.

The saying "what you sow, you harvest" is so true in most aspects of both business and life in general. Metaphorically speaking all socially rewarding or prosperity giving activities need fertile soil, high quality seed, right amount of different nutrients, rain and sunshine in right proportions and professionally conducted crop management.

Herbie understands that - in double meanings.

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