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Herbert Lundström professionally

Herbert Lundström (mostly Herbie) is a long-runner as a business management and business advisory professional. Being over 20 years in the industry he naturally has good understanding of business dynamics and operations in general but also valuable experience related knowledge of do's and dont's when facilitating business development programmes. However Herbies core competence, even vocation, is business change management.

As an experienced business advisor and

trained coach Herbie is enthusiastic about

helping and supporting business organizations, their owners and staff.

about coaching as a method in developing individuals holding senior positions in business and professional organizations. It is always fascinating to support

these professionals coming up with new ideas and new perspectives of there problems or development issues. To see them digging deeper in their thoughts, experience and inner feelings and reflect where they are and where they want to go. In one sentence: discovering own answers to their own questions

Herbies projects includes working with production, sales and marketing, maintenance, finance, logistics, IT, RD, procurement etc. Herbie has seen them all, from the inside.

top executives, mentored mid-managers and with line worker.


The bioeconomist

Working in symbiosis with nature is a symbol of growth. And the resemblance with business is obvious. What you sow you harvest. Fertile soil, proper seed and precise nutrients, sunshine, rain, well executed

crop management. All those have their own equivalents in making business prosper. Being engaged in both gives you perspective. So to continue the heritage of your

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