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Change Line - It is all about people

Change Line is a management advisory firm specializing in change management and business process management. We provide integrated business development concepts, consisting of practical consultative frameworks and tools, coaching, training and workshop facilitation. We strive for sustainable business change, supporting our customers establish a business foundation enabling a successful tomorrow.

Our focus is on people. Working with executives, mid-managers, specialists and staff members. Both individually and within teams. Helping them to clarify and achieve their goals, stay focused and bring structure and smoothness into daily operations. We want all parts integrated in our assignments, as a successful change initiative is not just a managerial issue, it involves and concerns every one in your organization.

Facilitating change puts tough pressure on the management. Especially mid-managers are in the firing line. Accordingly special attention is paid to support and coach your operational managers and help them develop their managerial and leadership competencies, and strenghten their self awareness and self-esteem. 

Striving for operational excellence is a an exciting learning experience and a journey full of surprises and operational challenges to overcome. Talking to us makes the difference. 

Welcome to Change Line. 

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