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Institute of Independant Business

Code of Ethics

Accredited Associates:

1. Shall, by contributing time and expertise without financial reward, serve their local community;

2. Shall conduct themselves in a manner which will merit the respect of the community for persons engaged in the profession;

3. Shall uphold the reputation of the Institute for Independent Business and of fellow Associates and abide by the Institute for Independent Business Code of Conduct;

4. Shall carry out their professional duties responsibly and with integrity;

5. Shall not personally provide advice outside of their accepted ‘area of expertise’, but rather shall delegate such to appropriate specialists;

6. Shall collect and present facts without bias, and not allow personal views to influence judgement, interpretation, analysis and presentation;

7. Shall not discuss with or disclose to any person not authorised by the client or delegated representative, any information, data, result, report or proposal arising from the assignment, nor cause or allow confidential information to be misused or to be published in any way without the permission of the client

Shall not use information acquired during any previous assignments which in any way could be detrimental to their former client;

9. Shall not receive any undisclosed material benefits other than normal emoluments from any recommendation made in the course of duty.

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