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Business is about networking

Change Line believes in networks. As we regularly meet and keep up the dialogue with business and IT executives, governmental officers, scientists and training professionals we stay informed and tuned to changing customer expectations. In addition, our partners support us with advisory concepts, tools and share their insight views of business and leadership development, digitalization and IT development.  

Commercial networks

The Institute for Independent Business (IIB) is a not-for-profit research, training and acc-reditation organization. IIB provides help and support to managing directors or owners of independent small and medium sized busi-nesses. The support is delivered out by IIB Accredited Associates, running their own successful business advisory practice. The IIB network operate

worldwide with approximately 4500 active members in 40 countries.

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The Mastery Label Cooperative is a marketing company of 10 experienced business professionals. Mastery Label specializes in business development, communication and training.

Mastery Label's provides practical consultative services, both internal and external communication consulting and a proven record in facilitation business and communication workshops and conducting practical training

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The LAK – Business Experts network (Fi. Liikkeenjoh-don asiantuntijakeskus –LAK) is a consortium of more than 30 experienced Finnish business experts. LAK is founded by the Finnish IIB accredited associates.

All LAK members have large experience and expertise, guaranteeing, that SME entrepreneurs find a business expert who under-stands the issues and challenges of their business. The LAK network assists your company in solving tricky issues, and gives practical advice on what to do next.

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When building long-term success managers have to pay special attention to needed competence.

Change Line has contracts with some out-standing firms, organizations and indi-vidual entrepreneurs holding top expertise in a range of critical business competencies such as

  • specific IT skills and technologies
  • accounting
  • mental and physical well-being
  • business law

Please contact us at Change Line or give us a call.

Coaching networks

International Coach Federation is an interna-tional community of coach professionals, holding over 20.000 members in more than 100 countries.

ICF's goal is to support its member coaches grow their profession and to raise the profile of professional coaching in general. Thus the federation has defined the Core Competencies of Coaching and the Code of Ethics for its members. ICF trained and certified couches have to meet these competence standards and follow the ethical rules set by the federation.

The members of ICF Finland commit fully to the standards set by ICF.

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Let's Coach is the alumni of hundreds of

Swedish professional coaches, all trained by Akademi Coachstjärnan in Stockholm.

The goal of the Let's Coach alumni is to offer a platform for

  • further improve coaching competencies of the alumni's coaches
  • learn about new methods and tools in coaching
  • share views of new trends and insights in coaching
  • come together, mingle and have fun
  • coach one another

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Professional networks

The Federation of Finnish Enterprises (fi. Suomen Yrittäjät) is the largest business related federation in Finland.The federation has more than 115,000 enterprises as members. Mainly these are small and medium sized companies and representing all industries the federation encompasses the entire business spectrum.

The federation adds value, especially by providing its members networking opportunities, training, and up-to-date information in all crucial aspects of entrepreneurship. In addition, the federation is an advocate of its members,

both influencing working life issues and interacting with political decision-makers in legislative issues relating concerning entrepreneurial issues like

tax issues, labour law and vocational training.

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The Finnish Information Processing Asso-ciation, TIVIA, (Fi. Tieto- ja viestintätekniikan ammattilaiset ry) and is an independent associa-tion of Finnish ICT professionals and companies.

TIVIA's main objective is to develop the professional ICT, ICT management and overall digital skills of its members. Means used are seminars, training, certification programmes, mentoring programmes and being part or independently carry out studies in the ICT sector.

MiitIT represents the Business/IT -professionals in the Helsinki area and is the biggest regional member within the TIVIA family. Both Tivia and MiitIT are active players in digitalization of not only businesses and government functions but also society in general.

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Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce (Fi. Helsingin Seudun Kauppakamari) is founded to promote industry and commerce in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area.

Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce (Fi. Helsingin Seudun Kauppakamari) is founded to promote industry and commerce in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area.

The Chamber of Commerce offers high-standard services for its members, representing the business community and looking after its interests. The chamber has long traditions in providing a networking platform for its membership.

Member services includes network meetings and seminars, publications, information packages and, training programmes, projects and advising in legal matters

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The Finnish Association of Academic Agro-nomists (Fi. Agronomilliitto) is a trade union for members holding a university degree in the fields of agricultural and food sciences, human nutrition, consumer issues, biology and environmental sciences. A lot of its members hold

executive or expert positions in companies, government offices and in science communities and a significant amount of the members are entre-preneurs.

Networking with members of the association gives valuable business insight, especially in the sectors of food industry, banking, insurance, bio economy

and SME-activities.

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