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Professional Coaching

Business Coaching Services

As a development method coaching has become very popular in business organizations. In business coaching there is a clear focus on the business objectives of both the coachee (or client) and the whole organization. Coaching provides business professionals with new personal insight as goals, visions and ambitions are clarified, and these professionals discover their embedded ways of thinking. In addition, coaching also feeds the self-confidence and self-esteem of the coachees.

Change Line's provides business related coaching for all business professionals. Our services include individual leadership coaching but we also coach teams, especially in our organizational development assignments. 

How does coaching work?

Professional coaching is a discussion based development process partnered between the coach and the coachee (or client). With support from a professional coach the coachee is better off in achieving sustainable improvement both at work and in private life. Goals and behavioural changes are achieved not only by the support of the coach, but because the coachee is keeping a better focus and improving his or her self-esteem. So, as coachee you are always on a learning curve.

The role of the professional coach is to bring in a solid structure into the coaching sessions. By active listening, asking powerful questions and exploiting other coaching competencies and tools the coach supports the coachee in his or her pondering about the issue to be explored. Possible solutions or measures are identified and analysed and the coachee and coach agree on concrete steps to be taken. The coachee is to be kept accountable for her or his steps as well

Coaching is powerful when there is established an atmosphere of mutual trust, respect, safety and accountability. The content of the coaching sessions are always confidential. 

Coaching benefits in business organizations

Participating in business coaching programme helps the business professional improve in, for instance

  • Communication - clear communication, decisiveness, willpower, improved feedback procedures
  • Personal effectiveness - improved time management, balance between work/free time, constructive negotiating
  • Own managerial behaviour - new insight of own unwanted behavioural issues (being late, unfocused.....)
  • Stress resistance - better delegating, healthier life style, saying no more politely but decisively
  • Handling conflict - clearness of own role, support, mature response, handling unfair feedback
  • Personal leadership - providing support, giving feedback, saying thank you, motivating staff members
  • Promotion - support and training regarding new responsibilities in a new position

Change Line coaching services

Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching focuses mostly on the individual executive or manager. The goal of the coaching is grove your managerial and leaderships competences. That means improved performance or personal effectiveness and exploiting a much larger part of your potential. 

During the coaching series you evaluate your personal goals and ambitions and little by little you start questioning your thinking and behavioural patterns.

Leadership coaching is also a needed process, when striving for organizational change. Leadership coaching, uncover potential that might otherwise go untapped . 

A typical coaching series is 10 sessions, about 1 hour per sessions. Depending on what is to be achieved the series takes 2-4 month. However, these figures are only normative.

Organizational development coaching

Organizational development coaching aims primarily at disclosing latent development ideas or problem solving patterns needed in everyday business operations and processes. Organizational development coaching focuses both on individuals and on teams. 

Members of your staff have a lot of business process insight and tacit knowledge that could significantly add value to your business, especially when

  • striving for achieving business goals
  • developing skills and knowledge
  • streamlining business processes and systems
  • removing operational barriers
  • improve communication

Having a professional coach supporting individuals or teams in their development activities most likely will help them discover their latent potential and implement practical solutions in their specific issues.  

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