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As our company name indicates Change Line's core competence is change, business change or individual chenge. Our service portfolio is designed to help building a strong business- both financially and operatively. Thus Change Line provide support in a range of critical business issues such as strategy development and implementation, re-designing operational processes and facilitating change initiatives. Based on new customer expectations and findings we together design your development programme - your ticket to business brilliance.

As all our customers don't need comprehensive programmes we have grouped our services portfolio into three of three different categories; business advisory services, coaching and training programmes. When you need more information, give us a call or send an e-mail. In case you don´t find a service you are looking for, contact us anyway. Change Line is highly networked (see Networks) and through us or our partners you have access to a much larger service portfolio than presented here.     

Business advisory services

- Facilitating sustainable change

Are your business operations fit for tomorrow's fight of market shares? If not, you may need to re-think your competitive advantages and smooth your business processes. Change Line has the tools to help you analyse your operational operations and estimate your business potential. Or perhaps

you are investing in new IT-systems, meaning you are facing a IT driven business change challenge. Especially new ERP-systems or othwerwise

digitalized business processes will significantly impact on your actual way of working.

When having a joint understanding of your needs, we together tailor a transformation programme.

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IIB Business Support Programme™.

- The unique programme for SMEs

A business owner of an SME (Small and Medium sized Enterprises) is very lonely in coping with all the strategic and operational problems she or he is confronted with. It is a huge challenge for entrepreneurs to stay informed about every aspect of business operations. Businesses operate in a complex environment. The need of differentiated business expertise is a critical success factor, but a SME can´t afford to employ professionals to all its

functions. At the end of the day the owner/CEO is supposed to stretch and take care of everything.

Change LIne´s Busness Support Programme is a flexible tool for an SME to ease the pain of lacking high-level expertise. A Business Support Programme

is always deseigned according to the needs of each SME and you get top professionals help you with your business agony.

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- Exploit fully your personal capabilities

To use coaching as a tool for developing your personal leadership or business development in general is largely recognized as a good investment.

From a business perspective, investing in a leadership or a business

development coaching programme delivers a learning platform and contributes to higher individual and team motivation and better performance. Goals are clarified and the decision making more spot on. As end results productivity and customer satisfaction is secured.

Equipped with improved consciousness and self-esteem your management is also mentally prepared for all the leadership challenges it faces daily.

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- Develop your overall business competence

Competence is achieved by combining theoretical insight with practical training and real life work experience. Change Line emphasizes the practical on-the-job training and learning in its training programmes.

Change Line's provides training programmes in many critical areas of business. Most of the programmes are strongly linked to our core competencies: business change management, managerial communications and business planning.

Naturally we give our training programmes a proper customer twist, based on defined learning goals and the evaluated existing competence levels.

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