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Competence matters!


Change Line's training programmes

Competence gaps are a potential threat regarding business strategy implementation and conducting business change initiatives. Change Line offers high quality training courses and programmes in subjects closely related to our core competencies. Training is a natural part of our business development concepts, but Change Line also offers inde-pendently conducted training. 

For detailed information of our training programmes and workshop competencies, please contact us

Training programmes - Supporting competence development 

Change Line's training is given both in class, as workshops or by individual mentoring. A good training sessions is built on the lecturer's professional leadership, interactivity, group work and discussions and encouraging participants to personal pondering and evaluation

Some of Change Line's existing training programmes and courses 

The Change Manager

Target group: Business professionals in charge of change efforts

Content: Basic principles of change and practical questions and content of a change management project, exercises

Duration: 1,2 or 4 days + home work

Languages: Finnish, Swedish, English


Target group: New and SME entrepreneurs

Content: Internal entrepreneurship, time management, health, conducting meetings, practical tips running the business, excercises

Duration: 1/2 or 1 day

Languages: Finnish, Swedish and English

The Manager as Coach

Target group: Managers and supervisors

Content: The basics of coaching and the coaching process, coaching peers and fellow workers, coaching methodologies (the GROW

model and practical coaching training

Duration: 2 days + home work

Language: Finnish, Swedish, English

The New Entrepreneur

Target group: Professionals, intending to start a business

Content: Business ideas, business planning, competitive advantage, sales and marketing, taxation, social welfare isssues etc.

Duration: 1 or 3 days + home work

Language: Finnish, Swedish, English



Target group: Business or trade organisation managers

Content: Communication and leadership roles and responsibilities of the manager, the leader as coach, feedback issues, leadersship styles and the manager's do's and don'ts etc.

Duration: 1/2, 1 or 3 days + home work

Language: Finnish, Swedish, English

Train the trainer

Target group: Professionals, conducting training in internal projects and processes (Key users of IT, IT-consultants, project managers, professionals delivering training as part of their responsibilities

Content: Goals, teaching plan, composing of training materials. motivation, preparation, presentation techniques, good PowerPoints, exercises etc.

Duration: 1 or 2 days + home work

Language: Finnish, Swedish, English

Consultative Work Processes

Target group: Accountants, nutritionists, health inspectors and planning professionals consulting customers in their work.

Content: A consultative meeting, the selling proposal, 2-way communications, listening, useful tips and techniques, exercises

Duration: 1 or 2 days + home work

Language: Finnish, Swedish, English


Target group: Business and other professional organizations

Content: As agreed. Especially when there is a need to dig deeper into relevant subjects like strategy design, business planning, specific

development issues etc.

Duration: Anything beginning from 1/2 day.

Language: Finnish, Swedish, English

Change Line cooperates closely with other training providers. Please contact us with your training or workshop needs for more information. Together with our networks partners our training repertoire

expands significantly.

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