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Our training programmes

  • The change manager
  • Strategy implementation
  • Self-management
  • The coaching manager
  • What an starting Entrepreneur
  • needs to know
  • Principles and tools
  • in managerial communication
  • Basics in business planning
  • Project management
  • Improve your leadership
  • Train-the-trainer
  • Consultative methods and
  • tools for service organizations

(accountants, dietists, construction

planning pros, health inspectors etc.)

In cooperation with our partners

  • Presentation techniques
  • Communication
  • Lean Management

...and many more

Training programmes - Building competence

Change Line offers high quality training programmes in subjects closely related to its core competencies. Training is a natural part of our business development concepts, but Change Line also offers independently conducted training. 

Training is given both in class, as workshops or by individual mentoring. A good training sessions is build on the lecturer's professional leadership, interactivity, group work and discussions and encouraging participants to personal pondering and evaluation. 

We have designed our training service in packages of 1/2 day (3 h of training) , full day (6 h) and 2 days (12 hours). We also give shorter lectures of 1-2 h. Naturally the learning goals and existing pre-knowledge influence the final content of the trainings and lectures. 


Change Line is an experienced workshop facilitator. Based upon your needs and goals we together work out the workshop programme and Change Line bring in suitable workshops methods including group work procedures and workshop tools. Your participants can concentrate on the substance Change Line is in charge of progress, structure and relevant outcomes.

We have organised workshops for instance in strategy outlining and evaluation, business process development, activity programmes, IT development issues and marketing and managerial communication. The focus have been on analyzing operations, innovating, brain storming, prioritizing activities. problem solving and harmonizing or renewing operational procedures..

For detailed information of our programmes and workshop competencies, please contact us. 

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